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Products & Solution for Electric Vehicle Charging Connector &Cable.

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Application scenarios and solutions for high-voltage interlocking connectors in electric vehicles

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About us

as one of WHM’s subsidiaries

Founded in 2003, Shenzhen Woer New Energy Electric Technology Co., Ltd. (WNE), as one of WHM’s subsidiaries, has focused on developing  charging connector and high voltage wiring harness of EV industry.WOER has 11 major production bases worldwide. Now, the company is committed to providing turnkey solutions for EV industry ranging from basic materials, wire, interconnector/coupler connector to harness. As a pioneer in researching direct current fast charging (DCFC) connectors in China, WNE also plays an important role in China Electricity Council (CEC)...

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Our Quality

We are recognized by customers for our quality and safety

We have successfully obtained IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 ISO45001 ISO14001 certifications, and we are a professional partner and reliable supplier of automotive manufacturers.
Our laboratory implements strict standard testing throughout the entire development stage to ensure the electrical safety of the product, including rigorous testing of voltage resistance, insulation, conductivity, temperature control, etc. After production is completed, each product must undergo functional testing.
This ensures consistent high quality and reliability of the product.

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Our Innovation

Insist on continuous innovation

The national standard direct charging gun constantly pursues Excellence and independent innovation, and has been updated to the fourth generation, and the fifth generation is being developed.

Wall new energy has been highly recognized by the market. In 2016, it was awarded the Best Charging Equipment Parts Supplier Pile Award by China Charging Equipment Committee. In 2017, it was awarded the excellent green car charging solution provider by China Automotive Research Institute.

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Our History

— 2016

Shenzhen Woer New Energy Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established. In the same year, the company's first core product "DC charging gun" was listed.

— 2017

Woer New Energy took the lead in launching liquid-cooled high-power charging guns in China; In June, the new energy European and American standard charging gun obtained CE+TUV certification, and officially entered the overseas market of European and American javelin;

In July of the same year, the company participated in the pre-research working group meeting of high-power charging technology and standards for electric vehicles; It is also a crucial year, and the annual sales of Woer New Energy exceeded 100 million for the first time.

— 2017-2018

Woer New Energy participated in the formulation of standards for charging guns, connectors and other related products, namely GB/T 33594-2017 (cables for electric vehicle charging), GB/T 37133-2018 (technical requirements for high-voltage and high-current wire harnesses and connectors for electric vehicles) and GB/T 20234.4-20XX (conductive charging for electric vehicles)

— 2018-2019

Woer New Energy entered a period of in-depth strategic adjustment.

— 2019

Woer New Energy achieved profitability for the first time.

— 2021

Woer New Energy won the fixed point of the high-voltage wiring harness project for the whole vehicle of the main engine factory for the first time.

— 2022

At the end of 2022, the EV line focusing on R&D and manufacturing in the field of automobile cables officially joined Wall New Energy, broadening the new energy product sequence; In December, Wall New Energy won the title of "National High-tech Enterprise".

— 2023

Woer New Energy passed the honorary title of "Specialized and Innovative" enterprise at the municipal level.

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has focused on developing  charging connector and high voltage wiring harness of EV industry. WOER has 11 major production bases worldwide.



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has focused on developing  charging connector and high voltage wiring harness of EV industry. WOER has 11 major production bases worldwide.

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